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Rental and Operating Leases

Advantages of Rental

It’s an option that works well for all types of equipment. Rental & Operating Lease’s give your business flexibility.  You can Upgrade, Purchase or Return the Equipment at any time during the agreement to ensure you have the right tools and equipment key to your Business’s success.

Rental gives you the ability to acquire equipment when it’s needed, whether it’s to keep up with growing demand or improve your productivity.

Rental &Operating Lease’s carry the added benefit of being 100% tax deductible*  Rental may qualify for off balance sheet accounting, ask your accountant or tax adviser how Rental can work for you.

At Finance@work we understand that your circumstances may change. We provide a flexible range of End of Term Options including:

  • Upgrade the Equipment to the Latest Technology available
  • Return the Equipment
  • Continue to rent month to month
  • Extend the Rental for further fixed term at a discounted payment
  • Make an offer to purchase the Equipment

* The above should only be used as a guide, please contact your Accountant or Financial Adviser for more information.