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Managed Services

Advantages of Managed Services

Managed Services is a complete billing solution tailored to your products and customer needs. it Combines finance, service and any consumables that your customers use collectively billing in one
easy payment.

Simplifying the payment process for your customer allows you to increase revenue across services and consumables in your business.

Our program gives you the flexibility to charge by any unit of measure for example; Per User/Seat, per Megabyte or Per Meter. If your equipment has a counting method, Managed Services can benefit you.

Benefits of Managed Services
• One simple billing solution for you and your customer.
• Save on administrations costs by having FAW bill and collect on your behalf.
• Increased revenue though service and consumables added in to agreement throughout the term.
• Provide a premium service product with regular scheduled maintenance in turn allowing you to plan your workforce in advance.
• Brand protection -by providing regular service and maintenance, your customer will have less breakdowns and overall better satisfaction with the product in most cases often upgrading with the same brand in the future.