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Finance Leases

Advantages of Finance Leases

By choosing a Finance Lease the finance company will purchase the goods on your behalf, giving you a low fixed monthly Instalment over a fixed period with a residual value at the end of term.

When choosing a residual value, it must adhere to ATO guidelines. The higher the value of the residual, the lower monthly Instalments.

The benefits of a Finance Lease include:

  • Payments are 100% tax deductible if the equipment is used for business purposes.
  • You have the flexibility to easily upgrade the equipment when required to ensure that your business has the right tools required for success.
  • At the End of Term you make an offer to purchase the goods from the Financier at the Residual Value.

* The above should only be used as a guide, please contact your Accountant or Financial Adviser for more information.