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Equipment Finance

Thinking About New Equipment?

Having the right equipment ensures your business operates at the highest level of productivity. By using finance to acquire equipment in most cases, it allows you to achieve an immediate return on investment. For example the new equipment can generate income and create savings that will offset the low monthly payments. That’s where equipment finance can help.

We can help you arrange the best finance facility that can make all the difference to your business achieving it’s goals and that’s Finance@work.

Some examples of the equipment that we finance includes but is not limited to.

IT Equipment & Software Security Equipment  Automotive Equipment
Printing Equipment Cleaning Equipment  Plant & Equipment
Office Equipment Catering Equipment  Plus Much More

Equipment Finance at its best

Our finance calculator located on this website is available to you once you start using our finance. Our rental agreement format is very simple, easy and quick. Our process is quote, approval, settlement and upgrade. We are one of the leading equipment finance companies and provide small business loans and fast business funding. We specialise in rental agreements and finance leases. Our business funding is second to none In the way of business leases we are experts. We provide vendor finance programs end to end with complete customer care and training.  We also provide commercial solar equipment, forklifts, earth moving, vehicles and wood working equipment. Our focus is on satisfying customers and delighting customers in the equipment rental and leasing space.  We have been in business for over twelve years but have decades of collective experience in providing the best rates on the market and are able to close both corporate and small business funding. If we can’t close it nobody can. There are many advantages to using our services, such as preserving cash flow, easy budgeting, tax advantages, off balance sheet reporting, easy accounting, we only take security over the asset we finance, flexibility, no deposts required, no residual liability, end of term flexibility, equipment return, GST claimed on BAS statements