Sale Lease Back

Consolidate all of your equipment into one easy to maintain lease plan with the added benefit of freeing up capital to fund growth or to create working capital. Using Finance@work's sale lease back solution you would simply sell your existing equipment to the Financier and then rent it back for it’s useful life.

The benefits commonly associated with Sale Lease Back include:

Receive immediate cash from the sale of the equipment

Invest your money in appreciating assets and not have it tied up in depreciating equipment

Consolidate all your assets into a single rental or Lease schedule

Gain greater financial control through a fixed and regular monthly repayments

Payments are 100% tax deductible and may qualify for off balance sheet accounting – seek advise from your accountant or tax advisor

Have the Flexibility to easily upgrade equipment when required to ensure that your business has the right tools required for success.

Conditions Apply

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